Series Z Escalators

Elevators Tailored to a Customer's Needs

Aesthetic elegance and flexibility are concepts expected more than ever. Our new escalator Series Z comes in a simple, yet sophisticated design, offering the utmost in flexibility to blend with any building decor. Our years of accumulated experience in safety-oriented production, based on a strong belief in the importance of safety, have led to a variety of safety features, as well as a wide range of value-added functions that help you customize your own escalators, creating uniqueness in and incomparable value for your building properties. The Mitsubishi Electric Series Z Escalator fulfills and indeed exceeds customer expectations, through the collaboration and utmost performance of visual, functional and safety elements. Feel the elegance, high quality and comfort of the Series Z in your building.

Models for Various Scenes

The simplest of designs blends with any building decor, adding a quiet, sophisticated air to your architecture.

Lighting under the Moving Handrails creates an effect of warm, glowing elegance.

*Not applicable to outdoor use.

Stainless steel panel that exudes strength and durability.

Visual Excellence

Features that blend with architecture

Our new Escalator Series Z serves passengers naturally and peacefully.

Rounded Handrail Inlet Cap

Our rounded Handrail Inlet Cap streamlines with the Moving Handrails, lending a silent elegance to the boarding and landing areas.

Screw-free Inner Deck

Removing screws from the Inner Deck side face not only presents an even softer, more simple look, but also removes the danger of passengers snagging their clothes.

Clearly-contrasted Floor Plate

Extended areas from the Moving Handrails feature a different pattern for a clearer contrast for enhanced visibility and smoother passenger flows.

Space SavingShortening the Truss by 205mm* requires less escalator installation space required and increases freedom in building layout. *Comparable with the Mitsubishi Electric Series J Escalator 
 (for EN115), except for VVVF control.

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