Spiral Escalators

The World's First and Sol Manufacturer of Spiral Escalators

Flowing Curves that Offer New Dimensions in Space Design

Graceful arcs flowing through urban space. Our spiral escalators widen passenger perspective and add new contours to the surrounding area. Spiral escalators are just one example of how we're working to develop more comfortable public environments for humankind. The application of a pioneering technology enables our escalators to follow smooth curving paths to their destinations. Spiral escalators forge a new relationship between people and space. They’re a sign of progress toward more creative urban environments in Japan, the United States, and other parts of the world.

A Grand Entrance

Spiral escalators in the entrance lobby leave the ground floor with a wealth of

space and create a breathtaking first impression.The elegantly functional layout

not only enhances a building’s architecture, it also guides visitors smoothly into

the building. The inherent beauty of the design transforms an entrance hall into

a landmark, thus enhancing a building’s reputation and value.

Efficient Use of Space

Installed in the corners or at the sides of a large room, spiral escalators greatly increase the amount of usable floor space. This arrangement easily lends itself to large-scale retail stores or art galleries. They’re also ideal for places where people gather and where control of pedestrian traffic is important.

Multiple Plan

Stacking spiral escalators above each other in a multiple plan configuration creates a spectacular atrium effect. The arrangement of a series of spiral escalators in a continuously rising pattern offers a unique panoramic view of the building. It’s an ideal solution for office buildings, malls, hotels and galleries.