Mitsubishi Elevators and Escalators are used frequently day and night and are designed to move people between floors.
This apparent simplicity belies a complex and sophisticated mechanical, electrical and microelectronic system.
We take pride in maintaining them to ensure Efficiency, Comfort and Safety to the satisfaction of our costumers.
Mitsubishi Elevator Information Center (MIC) is a step forward in that direction.

What is MIC?

“Mitsubishi Elevator Information Center”
Is a Call Back Service call center setup at Riyadh in January 2007 with an objective to improve the quality of our service to the customers, this replaces the local Mitsubishi Elevators Service Call Centers spread across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our 24-hour call center viz. Mitsubishi Elevator Information Center (MIC) ensures a faster response in case of emergencies and our average response time is less than 30 minutes in major cities. MIC keeps detailed information and history of every product of each customer through a customer database. This ensures that the right person is dispatched immediately to deal with any emergencies at customer sites and the job progress regularly monitored.

MIC is equipped with information on Buildings and Equipment under maintenance against individual
project code. Customers can call at our toll free number 800 1 28 28 28 round the clock, with reference
to the project code, which is mentioned inside the car cabin of all elevators.

This center will now operate in Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd. Employee’s Training Center.

Every elevator has its own unique & special functions or features, which can be maintained by the elevator manufacturer only. Trouble and emergency situation can happen at any time, MIC takes care of all the emergency needs 24 hours a day. Our 24 hours call back center is always ready to help by quickly responding to your needs. Based on the information in the customer data base MIC can immediately dispatch a right mechanic to deal with your problems.

MIC keeps detailed information and history of every product of each customer for proper solutions & support.

Benefits of MIC to Customer

One point contact for all services
Toll free access 24 Hrs.
Quick response
Easy follow up
Guaranteed action process
History of equipment performance

How MELSA benefits from MIC

Analysis used for Identifying Training need
Macro level education
Helpful in defining maintenance work process
Helpful in addressing requirement of special tools
Helpful in improving product design
Better Customer satisfaction