NexWay-S Series-IP/AP

NexWay-S Series-IP/AP Version2

Green Technology


Mitsubishi Electric's leading-edge technologies have made it possible for elevators to conserve energy. Our Regenerative Converter makes the most of power generated by the traction machine. Additionally, thanks to the Joint-Lapped Motor and energy-saving features, the elevators use energy more wisely and efficiently.

Efficient use of power

Elevators usually travel using power from a power supply (powered operation); however, when they travel down with a heavy car load or up with a light car load (regenerative operation), the traction machine functions as a power generator. Although the power generated during traction machine operation is usually dissipated as heat, the Regenerative Converter transmits the power back to the distribution transformer and feeds into the electrical network in the building along with electricity from the power supply. Compared to the same type of elevator without a Regenerative Converter, this system provides an energy-saving effect of up to 35%. (Reduction in CO2 emissions: 1400 kg/year) In addition, the Regenerative Converter has the effect of decreasing harmonic currents

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