Training Center


Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd. Employees’ Training Center (MTC)

MTC was inaugurated on December 2011. An exclusive training center, located near Exit 17, has been purposely built to provide various hands-on training programs on elevators and escalators throughout the year for our employees and in particular for young Saudis.
Various training programs are conducted throughout the year for freshmen, semi-skilled and skilled staff in elevator technology.
Young Saudis will be put through a one year hands-on training program including overseas technical trainings in Japan in installation, testing and commissioning, maintenance and Quality Control activities.
Non-technical programs like personality and skill development workshops are also planned throughout the year for MELSA employees.

An Over view:
It has a total land area of 2728 sq.m and building floor area of 2407 sq.m equipped with training workshops, lecture and conference rooms, offices, accommodation rooms and other amenities that make one’s training effective and stay comfortable.

Wide range of elevator and escalator models is installed for the purpose of hands on training in installation and maintenance.

Outline of annual trainings:
Trainings for various skill levels include job site safety, basic work shop, elevators and escalators outline, basic welding, scaffolding installation, basic electricity and wiring, on hands training, trouble shooting, basic installation and maintenance skills, adjustment skills, advance installation and maintenance skills, communication skills, communication skills, computer skills, projects coordination and project management skills.
Apart from these trainings and seminars are also planned on sales, engineering, marketing, administration, HR, purchasing and Planning, IT, accounts and finance.

The conference and classrooms:
The training center has conference and classrooms to hold any meeting and formal lectures that require presentations using projectors and videos.


The workshops

Basic workshop area:
The workshop trains our technicians on cutting, grinding,
drilling and painting related to elevator and escalator installation.

Welding Area:
MELSA technicians are trained for basic and advance welding
skills to meet Mitsubishi installation standards and quality.

Electrical workshop:
Training of electrical wiring inside control panel, door drives study of printed
circuited boards and use of maintenance computer for elevators and escalators
programming is imparted here.

Door equipment training area:
MELSA technicians are trained for mechanical adjustment of elevator car
and landing doors as per Mitsubishi installation standard with the help
of advanced door equipment training system.

Machine Room, Hoist way & Pit:
Comprehensive training on state of the art Elevator technology for latest
traction machines control systems and various other elevator machine
room equipment is imparted here. Special trainings in machine room,
Car top station, and hoist way and pit area are also done.

Escalator Training Area
MELSA technicians are trained for escalator installation, testing and commissioning
and maintenance procedures to enhance their skill levels to meet Mitsubishi
standards and quality.

The Offices
The training center has office rooms for Administration, Maintenance and Technical Sections together with the trainers.

The Accommodations and Amenities
The training center also has sufficient accommodation space. The facilities including dining and entertainment are of high class to ensure a homely feeling and comfortable stay.

The Security and Safety
The training center boasts of its security and safety with security guards and surveillance cameras on site. It has centralized fire alarms, clear fire exits, and visible and accessible fire extinguishers and hoses in case of emergency.
To visit Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd. Employee Training Center, pls. call our toll free no. 800 128 28 28 to fix an appointment.

The Location:
The Training Center is ideally located near Exit 17. It is approx. a 3-km drive along Al-Kharj Road going south from Al Rajhi Mosque to Exit 17 passing IKEA before going out of Exit 17. It is approx 1.7 km from the Exit 17 signal.