Mitsubishi Electric Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services are carried out by highly trained specialists with advanced knowledge and skills

Arranging Maintenance Services

To ensure the safety, quality and longevity of your product, we only advise for our customers to use Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd.'s Maintenance Services. Similar to any machinery, should products be maintained by non-specialists, problems will arise regularly and deterioration will accelerate leading to premature replacement. Our preventative maintenance services ensure that your elevators and escalators have the least chance of down time and keep passengers constantly moving. For more information, please contact us.

Putting Quality & Safety above all else

We consider our users' safety and peace of mind first, before profit or commercial gain. We strive to ensure that our products are always safe to use, perform consistently and last a long time for our customers. Ensuring your safety and providing the highest quality services is a shared responsibility for all our employees.

Highly Skilled Maintenance Workforce

We focus on developing “technical experts” based on research and development from our core training center in Japan. Maintaining continually evolving technologies requires meticulous preparation through our global training system and our local Mitsubishi Training Center in Riyadh. We also develop our employees’ soft skills in different regions and cultures, ensuring we provide total customer satisfaction.