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Since the 1930-s, Mitsubishi Electric has been setting the standard in elevators. Our elevator products have opened up entirely new possibilities for public and private space design whilst creating engineering breakthroughs in speed, comfort, reliability and longevity.

Elevate your Projects with Mitsubishi Elevators! Trusted Globally! Serving Saudi Arabia!

Mitsubishi Electric, a world-renowned elevator manufacturer, transforms the way people move by seamlessly ensuring smooth and swift transitions. Our diverse product range encompasses lifts tailored for residential convenience (including houses), commercial elevators catering for business needs, passenger elevators cargo, freight for versatile movement.

Dedicated to innovation and quality, Mitsubishi Electric is elevating spaces and advancing Saudi Arabian communities. Our offerings, aligning with needs from various industry sectors, span from hospital elevators and food elevators to High Speed and Gearless Traction Elevators. Operating from it's head office in Riyadh, Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd, serves the elevator needs of people across Saudi Arabia through a network of branch offices.

Playing a pivotal role in realising Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd contributes to a transformative roadmap for the nation's development. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainable progress, we contribute significantly to the enhancement of urban infrastructure through advanced elevator solutions. These elevators transcend mere transportation of people, showcasing Saudi Arabia's technological advancement aligning with Vision 2030's progress-oriented mission.

Mitsubishi Electric Saudi is an integral partner in shaping the modern, smart cities of Saudi Arabia's future.


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Our escalators range from easy to-use solutions to architectural masterpieces. Above all, our Mitsubishi Electric quality ethos ensures that our customers can rely on safe usage, reliability, and visual excellence. Furthermore,our preventative maintenance services ensure that your people traffic keeps on moving.


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Moving Walks

Moving walks can help to stimulate new architectural ideas and are the perfect solution for today’s demanding pedestrian environments. Be it transport hubs or shopping malls, our solutions and capacities ensure people's smooth, swift and safe movement.

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Freight Elevators & Dumbwaiters

To support the handling and movement of goods, Mitsubishi Electric offers a number of specialist solutions that are intelligent and energy-saving. Our freight elevators and dumbwaiters offer practicality and efficiency solutions to a whole range of organizations and businesses with different usages, such as for hospital buildings, warehouses, factories, restaurants and hotels.

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