Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd


Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the 27th January 1980 under the leadership of Hiroshi Kanazawa, the first president of Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd. The company was initially involved in the supply and installation of power generation equipment, however quickly expanded to supply, install and maintain escalators and elevators.


In 1981, the company was awarded its first major project for the Ministry of Defence. This was followed by a major University, Hospital and Shopping Center.


By 1983, Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd. installed our first 1000 Elevators & Escalators in the Kingdom.


In 1984, King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) was awarded to the Company which included the installation of 224 Elevators & Escalators. To date, Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd. continues to provide the highest level of maintenance services to the busiest airport in the Kingdom.


In 1986, a joint venture was created between Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Omar Kasim Alesayi & Co. Ltd. The company has continued to grow and prosper. Many records have been achieved over the years, including the installation of the fastest elevator in the Kingdom, the first spiral escalator installation in Jeddah and the largest concentration of high speed elevators in the world at the Abraj Al Bayt Towers in Mecca.

1990 - 2000

During the 1990’s and 2000’s, Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd. worked on some of the most iconic building projects in KSA such as the Kingdom Tower, the Faisaliyah Tower, the Sail Tower and Jabal Omar.


Mitsubishi Electric Saudi Ltd. has been committed to developing a sustainable business in the Kingdom. In 2011, we launched our purpose built Mitsubishi Training Centre in Riyadh, a specialist training center where employees are able to develop technical skills in a live environment.


In 2020, the company relocated to a new self-contained headquarters building with customer showroom, displaying a number of our technologies and products.


In 2021, the year of our 40th anniversary in KSA, the company has completed its 10,000th project in the Kingdom and remains a leader in the vertical transportation sector.

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