'Update' your existing Elevator or Escalator with the latest technologies and features..

Why Modernize?

Even with ongoing maintenance carried out by Mitsubishi Electric, components do deteriorate over time. Whilst we pride ourselves on the longevity of our products, there will come a time when we will recommend for you to ‘modernize’ to ensure passenger confidence, safety and comfort. Modernization can transform your product to be more energy efficient and cost saving for many years to come.

Is your elevator or escalator showing any these signs? Then modernization may be for you.

Improved Reliability & Safety

Our modernization designs are optimized for enhanced interchangeability, reliability and safety. By replacing existing equipment with current innovations, the basic functionality and durability is improved tremendously. Operational problems are minimized and elevators can be used with greater sense of security

Comfort & Energy Conservation

Integrating newer technologies in motors, electronics and other components can drastically improve the fundamental performance of your elevator giving passengers trouble free movement in buildings. Our ingenious features ensure your elevator is more time efficient and uses less energy. With smart services technologies, your escalator will use energy only when required and even then, minimally.

Innovative Technology

Be it web-based technologies or sophisticated operating systems, our leading technologies will improve comfort, passenger mobility and building security. Elevators and escalators can be monitored, maintained and controlled with ease to ensure the smooth flow of human traffic.

Design and Aesthetics

Updating features such as signals, panels and indicators not only improve the usability of the escalator/elevator (or instead only "Equipment"), it also enhances the look and feel. Finishes can be adapted to blend into an updated décor, adding new vigor to your building.